Histoire. Historiens


HEM DAY, pseud. de Marcel ou Henri DIEU. (1902-1969). Anarchiste belge, libraire et historien. Bibliographie

– À l’Ecole de Godwin. La non-violence comme technique de libération, éd. Pensée et Action, Paris-Bruxelles, 1953, 8 p. CDA, IFHS Alerte ! Voici les (...)

BERRY, David. Bibliography

An observer of French and Spanish anarchism in the first half of the 20th century. His works are published in English and in (...)

MAGUID, Jacobo (pseud. Jacinto CIMAZO u MACIZO). Bibliografia

– MAGUID Jacobo/LAZARTE Juan. 1914-1939. Definición de la guerra. Buenos Aires: FACA, 1939 MAGUID, Jacobo. Escritos libertarios / Jacinto Cimazo ; (...)

ABAD DE SANTILLAN, Diego (Born in Reyero, Spain, 1897 - Died in Madrid, Spain, 1983)

A leading figure of the Spanish and Argentinian anarchist movement both as a theorist of anarcho-syndicalism and an important actor in the (...)

AVRICH, Paul. Bibliography

A major American historian of anarchism in the United States, but also of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

ACCURSO, Ricardo Vicente. Historian of anarchism in Rosario, Argentina. Bibliography

You can consult his bibliography in Spanish

BIANCO, René. Bibliographie (Sélection)

Professeur certifié d’histoire, docteur ès-Lettres et Sciences humaines, René Bianco est l’un des plus éminents historiens de l’anarchisme français. (...)

BIANCO, René. Bibliography

René Bianco is a founder of the International Research Center on Anarchism (CIRA) in Marseilles (France). He is the author of an essential (...)

MANFREDONIA, Gaetano (1957-....). Bibliographie

Historien de l’anarchisme

MINTZ, Frank (1941 - ). Franco-Bulgarian historian of the Civil War in Spain and of anarcho-syndicalism

His publications are in French and in Spanish

NETTLAU, Max. A Biography

"Born in Neuwaldegg, Austria 1865, died in Amsterdam 1944; anarchist historian, collector and scholar; studied philology and Celtic (dissertation (...)