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International Relations

Global Issues - Globalization - International Relations Regional Issues Africa Asia Europe Latin America Middle East North America (...)


Nationalism is a very complex structure which changes through time and space. It must not be confused with movements of national liberation, (...)


“No revolution, as spectacular as it might appear to the masses that it arouses, ever brings a single new thing into the world. It is limited to (...)


David PORTER: The Politics of Le Guin’s Opus

Originally published in Science Fiction Studies #7 - Volume 2, Part 3, November 1975. Accessed January 13, 2019 at (...)

ROCKER, Rudolf: Anarchism and Sovietism

Perhaps the reader thinks he has found a flaw in the above title and that the soviet system and the dictatorship of the proletariat are one and (...)

KIOUPKIOLIS, Alexandros. Radical Democracy, Biopolitical Emancipation and Anarchic Dilemmas

Introduction Contemporary visions of radical democracy mark themselves off from other democratic paradigms through the stronger accent that (...)

Rancière and Anarchism

Democracy first of all means this: anarchic ‘government,’ one based on nothing other than the absence of every title to govern. Démocratie (...)

NEWMAN, Saul. Postanarchism and space: revolutionary fantasies and autonomous zones

Abstract In this paper, I call for a re-consideration of anarchism and its alternative ways of conceptualising spaces for radical politics. (...)

NOYS, Benjamin. The Savage Ontology of Insurrection: Negativity, Life, and Anarchy

Instead of the brokering some kind of forced liaison between anarchist thought and poststructuralism, what I want to do here is to probe a shared (...)

ROSS, Stephanie. "The Strategic Implications of Anti-Statism in the Global Justice Movement"

LABOUR, Capital and Society 41:1 (2008) pp. 7-32. "In this paper I engage with the theoretical roots of anti-statism and argue it is rooted (...)

CHRISTOYANNOPOULOS, Alexandre."Responding to the State: Christian Anarchists on Romans 13, Rendering to Caesar, and Civil Disobedience"

Religious Anarchism, New Pespectives, edited by Alexandre J. M. E. Christoyannopoulos (Newcatle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing: 2009), (...)

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