ACKELSBERG, Martha. Historian and political theorist

Biography and Selected Works

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American Professor at the Department of Government of Smith College (Northampton, Mass., U.S.A.) where she teaches Applied Democracy and Women’s Studies. She has written a history of Spanish Anarchist Women during the 1936 Spanish Civil War.


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1. Books
 Free Women of Spain: Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991.

(Slightly revised Spanish translation:) Mujeres Libres: El anarquismo y la lucha por la emancipacion de las mujeres Barcelona: Virus Editorial, 1999

  • 2005. "Preface to the AK Press Edition. Revised Ap. 11, 2004.
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This article examines the interplay of anarchist ideology, organizational practice, and social structures in defining the possibilities and limits of that revolutionary transformation. The insistence of Spanish anarchists on the importance of preparation to revolutionary change might well lead us to assume that their somewhat limited understanding of the subordination of women would necessarily result in limited gains for women during the revolution. Nevertheless, the extent of social change in gender relationships during this period prods us to examine the ways in which the activities and organizational practices of the movement modified anarchist ideological commitments to define the parameters for revolutionary change. In addition, prevailing understandings of the relationship between "home" and "work" (the "private" and the "public") affected, in turn, both definitions of "preparation" and the dimensions of organizational practice.

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