KROPOTKINE, Petr Alekseevitch (1842-1921)


I.F. Stone’s Weekly

Canada, 1973. B&W, 16 mm., 62 mins. I.F. Stone, Walter Cronkite, Peter Osnos, Ralph Ingersoll. Jerry Bruck, Jr., director. Journalism and (...)

Sur les Traces de l’anarchisme au Québec - 1. Aux origines

Aux Origines : Le 19e Siècle Ruptures, no. 1, automne 2001, pp. 21-24 Source Cela fait maintenant plus de 100 ans que les idées anarchistes ont (...)

ACKELSBERG, Martha. Historian and political theorist

American Professor at the Department of Government of Smith College (Northampton, Mass., U.S.A.) where she teaches Applied Democracy and Women’s (...)

AVRICH, Paul. Bibliography

A major American historian of anarchism in the United States, but also of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

WARD, Colin. A Bibliography: 1. Books

Colin Ward’s impressive bibliography, the quality of his writings and his personal participation in the anarchist movement contribute to make him (...)

WARD, Colin. The Anarchists Sociology of Federalism

The background That minority of children in any European country who were given the opportunity of studying the history of Europe as well as (...)

Réponse de Malatesta au "Manifeste des Seize"

Un manifeste vient d’être lancé, signé par Kropotkine, Grave, Malato et une douzaine d’autres vieux camarades, dans lequel, faisant écho aux soutiens (...)

Breve storia del movimento anarchico bulgaro

Rivista A N°50 Ottobre 1976 Il popolo bulgaro è relativamente giovane. La sua storia inizia solo nel VII secolo, allorché una piccola tribù di (...)


– L’anarchia, la sua filosofia e il suo ideale. La Fiaccola, 1983 – Campi, fabbriche, officine. Antistato, 1975 – L’etica. Edigraf, 1972 – Ai (...)

The Historian’s Eye

"The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting." Milan Kundera The anarchist movement has been for a very (...)

Anarchy in Yiddish: Famous Jewish Anarchists from Emma Goldman to Noam Chomsky

Presentation given at Temple Israel Temple Israel, Sat., March 2nd, 2002 It’s a bright May day in Paris in 1926, a quarter after two in the (...)

CLARK, John P. A Bibliography

Publications in English and other languages except French and Italian Français - Italiano 1972 "Creating a New School" in Innovative Education (...)