GREENE, William Batchelder. Bibliography

GREENE, William Batchelder (1843-1879)PROUDHON, Pierre-Joseph (1809-1865)SPOONER, Lysander (1808-1887)American Civil War (1860-1865), USAReligion (in general)MutualismIWA (International Workers’ Association)FeminismEconomy: moneyEconomy: bankingReligion. ChristianityBibliographyEMERSON, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882)Philosophy. TranscendentalismReligion. Pantheism


- Noston Public Library, Mss. Collection

2 ms letters from W.B.G. to Stephens Symons Foster (Ms. A 92 vol. 32 No. 56) and to Caroline Weston (Ms. A.9.2 vol. 32 No. 57)

- Houghton Library, Harvard.

The most important holdings. Correspondence with R. W. Emerson, etc. Greene’s own books, annotated by him. Documents referring to his participation in the Civil War.

- Massachusetts Historical Society

"Woodman, H. Papers". 2 letters from W.B.G. to Horatio Woodman, 1862, one of which was published in the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society LVI (1922-1923) pp. 239-242.

"James T. Fischer Papers" includes a few documents concerning the Town and Country Club.

The Mass. Hist. Sty also owns some rare issues of W. B. G.’s works

- New York Public Library, Mss. Collection

6 letters to B. R. Tucker(1876-1878) and non dated.

- New York Historical Society

"William Batchelder Greene, Ordnance Book"

Left: Picture and signature of William B. Greene in the Labadie Collection


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Reported by Shawn P. Wilbur

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Massachusetts Historical Society; Boston Athenaeum

- Remarks In Refutation of The Treatise Of Jonathan Edwards. West Brookfield, Mass.: Cooke & Chapin, 1848.

Massachusetts Historical Society; Boston Athenaeum

- Letter to Rev. Eber Carpenter Southbridge, Mass. Brookfield, 1849 8 p. [Houghton Library, Harvard, has a copy with the author’s corrections]

- A New Gnosis. Mass.?, 1849. 10 p.

Houghton, Harvard. Bound with the Letter to Rev. Carpenter. Author’s corrections].
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According to Appleton’s Cyclopoedia, there was an edition in 1870.
  • Boston, 1871. 4th ed. 36 p. 20 s.
Boston Athenaeum; Massachusetts Historical Society

- "Equality". A series of articles which first appeared in The Palladium, Worchester, 1849, and signed "Omega".

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  • slightly revised in The Blazing Star, Boston, 1872.
  • reprinted with Transcendentalism
  • reprinted and published by Henry Cohen, with the title Proudhon’s Solution of the Social Problem (see below)
  • Foreword by R.A. Gilbert Ibis. Nicolas-Hays, Inc. - World, 2003. 112 p. ISBN: 0-89254-086-9
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- Mutual Banking. Showing the Radical Deficiency of the Present Circulating Medium, and the Advantages of a Free Currency. West Brookfield, Mass.: O. S. Cooke, 1850. 95 p.

The author’s name is not presented in this first edition which reveals certain concepts similar to those of Lysander Spooner.

Boston Athenaeum; Massachusetts Historical Society

- The Radical Deficiency of The Existing Circulating Medium, And The Advantages of A Mutual Currency. Boston: B. H. Greene, 1857. xix-239 p.

Harvard; Boston Athenaeum
  • Mutual Banking, Showing The Radical Deficiencies Of The Existing Circulating Medium, And The Advantages Of A Free Currency. Worcester, Mass.: New England Labor Reform League, 1870. 5-52 p. Printed by Chas. W. Hamilton. 6th thousand.
This very revised edition presents a better knowledge of Proudhon’s ideas

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

  • Denver, Colorado: The Crusade Publishing Co., the Ideal Library (dec. 1; 1895). Pref. by H. Cohen). 78 p.
  • Columbus Junction, Iowa. Publ. by Edward H. Fulton, Anti-Interest League, Liberty Library (Oct.-Nov. 1896)n Bos. 10-11 [n.p.] Anti-Interest League 1896 66 p.
A copy of this popular edition was printed on vellum as a present for his wife by Henry Cohen. It is in the Rare book colection of Michigan University.

This edition occasioned a debate in which participated H. Cohen, Arthur Kitson, Hugo Bilgamd and Benjamin R. Tucker. The discussion was published in Horace Traubel’s The Conservator as from May 1896.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

- 1906. Published by Benjamin R. Tucker, with a picture of the author.

  • New York: Benjamin R. Tucker, 1909 104 p. Portrait. [OCLC]
  • Denver, CO: Reform League, 1919. 66 p. [Henry Cohen, ed.] [OCLC]
  • Mutual Banking. A Simple Plan to Abolish Interest on Money. Columbus Junction, IA: E H Fulton, 1895.
Page from the Indian edition
  • Mutual Banking. Modern Publishers, Indore City, India, 1946

- "Speech of Rev. William B. Greene, of Brookfield." Liberator, 23, 33 (Aug 19, 1853): 132.

- "Influence." Massachusetts Teacher and Journal of Home and School Education. Jan. 1857, p. 14. [signed "W. B. G.]

- An Expository Sketch of A New Theory of The Calculus. Paris, Printed for the author, 1859. 88 p. folder, diag. 18 1/2 cm.

Harvard; Boston Athenaeum; [OCLC, Bibl. nat. de France]

- "What Is the Minus Quantity?" Massachusetts Teacher and Journal of Home and School Education. Sept. 1860, p. 330. [signed "W. B. G.]

- (with Andrew Washburn). Documents in the Case of Major Andrew Washburn, Late of the Fourteenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, Heavy Artillery. N.P., 1862. 27 p.

  • 2nd ed. Boston: A Williams & Co. 27 p.

- "Notebook concerning 14th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment", manuscript, 1862 Oct. 11. Harvard, Houghton Library. [cases of Lt. Col Samuel C. Oliver and Major Andrew Washburn.]

- "Documents Showing why Col. William B. Greene resigned his commission as Colonel of the 14th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers (Heavy Artillery). " Dated Boston, Mass., Oct. 11th, 1862.

Manuscript 4° pp. (123) with several manuscript insertions. ("Ordered destroyed by 1st Hv. Art. hist. Com."- Ms. note on cover). The ref. is US6277.153

- Col. Greene’s Speech before the McClellan Club of Ward Eleven, Boston, October 28, 1864. Boston: Printedby vote of the Club,1864. 24 p.

Massachusetts Historical Society

- Preface of The Book of Job. Printed for the editor. Boston: G.C. Rand & Avery, 1866. 144 p.

The preface is signed "W.B.G."

- The Sovereignty of the People. Boston: A. Williams & Co., 1868. 35 p.

According to Appleton’s Cyclopoedia, New York, 1887, vol. II, p. 754, this booklet was first edited in 1863
Boston Athenaeum; Massachusetts Historical Society

- History of Marriage. Boston, 186?.

- with E. H. Heywood, wrote a Declaration of Sentiments... Boston: 1869.

- The Theory of The Calculus. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1870. 12 p.

Boston Athenaeum; Harvard

- Explanation of The "Theory Of The Calculus". Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1870; New York: Lee, Shepard and Dillingham, 1871. 33 p.

- The Facts Of Consciousness And The Philosophy Of Mr. Herbert Spencer. Boston & New York: Lee & Shepard, 1871. 33 p.

New York Public Library;Harvard; Boston Athenaeum
  • [slight revision in The Blazing Star, Boston, 1872.]

- Imogen and other Poems. Boston: B. B. Russell, 1871. 81 p.


- The Blazing Star. Boston: 1871. 24 p.

  • The Blazing Star; With an Appendix Treating of the Jewish Kabbala. Also A Tract on The Philosophy of Mr. Herbert Spencer, And One on New-England Transcendentalism. Boston: A. Williams and Co., 1872. 2d ed. 180 p. Illus. 19 1/2 cm.

- A Letter to The Rev. H. Foote Minister of King’s Chapel In Vindication of The Poorer Class of Boston Working-Women, by William B. Greene, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Labor-Reform League. Princeton, Mass.: Co-operative Pub. Co., 1873. 24 p.

Boston Athenaeum; Massachusetts Historical Society

- Address of the Delegates of the Boston section n° 1 (French) of the Working People’s International Association," Made to the New England Labor Reform League in its Convention held in Boston, Mass., Feb. 23rd 1873: To which is added a Reply of the League, and the Publisher’s notice of History of the International. The whole constituting, the most entertaining, intelligent and comprehensive exposition, extant, of the Origin, Spirit and Purpose of that Profound, World-Wide and Ominous Agitation known as THE LABOR MOVEMENT. Princeton, Mass.: Co-operative Publishing Co., 1873.

At least partly written by Greene.
(Mentioned by Nettlau in Bibliographie de l’anarchie , p. 8 as International Address, An Elaborate, Comprehensive and Very Entertaining Exposition of The Working People’s International Association, 1873. )

- Critical Comments Upon Certain Special Passages in the Introductory Portion of Dr. Edward Clarke’s Book On "Sex In Education" by William B. Greene, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Labor-Reform League Boston: Lee & Sheperd; New York: Lee, Shepard and Dillingham, 1874. 30 p. in-12°.

Boston Athenaeum; Massachusetts Historical Society: copy received from Mrs. W. B. Greene and annotated by Martha H. Le B. Goddard.

- The Working Women. Boston, 1875.

- Resolutions Submitted to the Executive Committee of the New England Labor-Reform League, and Proposed for Discussion at the Coming Convention of the League, Advertised to be Held in Boston, Nov. 14 and Nov. 15, 1875. Boston: Lee & Sheperd; New York: Lee, Shepard and Dillingham, 1875.

- Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic and Financial Fragments. Boston: Lee & Shepard; New York: Lee, Shepard and Dillingham, 1875. 271 p. 12°

Boston Athenaeum; Massachusetts Historical Society, Columbia University, New York; IFHS
  • Westport, Conn. : Hyperion Press, 1975. 271 p.

- Proudhon’s Solution of The Social Problem [By] P. J. Proudhon; Including Commentary And Exposition By Charles A. Dana and William B. Greene, Edited, With Introduction, By Henry Cohen. New York, Vanguard Press, 1927.

Publications related to W. B. Greene

Massachusetts Constitutional Convention. Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings. Boston: 1853. 3 vols.

>Contains Greene’s interventions during that convention.

Vital Records of Haverhill, Massachusetts, Topsfield (Mass.): 1910. Vol. 1