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The Published Works

of Stephen Pearl Andrews

 "Abolition Reasons against Disunion," Young American’s Magazine (May 1847), 159-166.
 The Alphabet of Philosophy. N.p., [1876].
Another edition is mentioned in 1881. (Shively, "The Thought of S. P. Andrews", p. 117.
 "Anarchy and Pantarchy", Liberty, III (Jan. 23, 1886), 1.
 The Basic Outline of Universology : An Introduction To The Newly Discovered Science of The Universe, Its Elementary Principles, And The First Stages of Their Development In The Special Sciences ; Together With Preliminary Notices of Alwato (Ahl-wah-to), The Newly Discovered Scientific Universal Language, Resulting From The Principles of Universology. New York: Dion Thomas, 1872. cxix, 764 p. diagrs. 25 cm.

 Charter or Articles of Corporation of the Normal University of the Pantarchy. 16 p. n.d. [1872?]. [Brentwood Public Library]
 "Civilization a Failure," The Golden Age, I, No. 9 (April 29, 1871), 3.
 (with Augustus French Boyle.) Compendium of Phonography. N.p., [1848], Folding Broadside. On a single sheet, containing a condensed view of the system.
 The Complete Phonographic Class-book, Containing A Strictly Inductive Exposition of Pitman’s Phonography, Adapted As A System of Phonetic Short Hand, To The English Language; Especially Intended As A School Book, And To Afford The Fullest Introduction To Those Who Have Not The Assistance of A Living Teacher. Boston: Phonographic Institute, 1845. iv-5-132 p. 2nd edition: 1845. [Harvard]
* 1846 Boston: Phonographic Institution. iv-5-132 p.
* New York, 1847, 1848, and 1851 (15th ed.)
* New York : J.F. Trow, 1852 (also indicated as 15th ed.)
 (Tr.) Constitucion, Leyes Jenerales, c. de la Republica de Tejas. Houston, 1841.
 Constitution or Organic Basis of the Pantarchy. New York: Baker & godwin printers, 1860. 22 p.
 "Cost, the Scientific Limit of Price," Hunt’s Merchants’ Magazine, XXIV (March 1851), 332-339.
 Discoveries in Chinese. A Paper Prepared for the american Ethnological society and Read Last Evening (Nov. 6) before the New York Historical Society […] Announcing certain observations and discoveries Relating to the Primitive Symbolic Signification of the Chinese Characters (or Written Words) Tending to Elucidate the Origin and Development and to Facilitate the Acquisition of that Remarkable System of Written Language. New York: 1849. Suppl. to the New York daily tribune Nov. 7, 1849. [ National Archives; Yale]
* Discoveries in Chinese : or, The symbolism of the primitive characters of the Chinese system of writing. As a contribution to philology and ethnology and a practical aid in the acquisition of the Chinese language. New York : C.B. Norton, 1854. 137 p. Harvard
 (with Augustus F. Boyle) Elements of Phonography. A Chart, containing the simple Alphabet, with explanations.
 Elements of Universology. An Introduction to the Mastery of Philosophy and the Sciences.. New York: S. P. Lathrop & Co., 1881. 48 p.
pref. of : Equitable commerce: a new development of principles, as substitutes for laws and governments ... Proposed as elements of new society. By Josiah Warren. New York, Fowlers and Wells, 1852. x, [2], [13]-117 p. Harvard
 (with Augustus F. Boyle) First Lessons In Phonography, a small chart, containing the simple alphabet, with explanations, and a page of easy monosyllables, written in the Phonographic characters, intended to be sold or gratuitously distributed by teachers and lecturers as an introductory lesson or lecture. Harvard
 (with Augustus F. Boyle) Furst bwc ov Andrwz & B[phi]lz siriz ov ... Boston, 1846. 36 p. [12mo] Harvard
Phonography — Examples.

 "The Great American Crisis," The Continental Monthly, IV, No. 6 (December, 1863), 658-670; * V, No. 1 (January, 1864), 87-99; V, No. 3 (March, 1864), 300-317.

 Ideological etymology, or, A new method in the study of words.New York : S.P. Lathrop, 1881. 32 p. Harvard

 "The Introduction of Phonography into America," Browne’s Phonographic Monthly, II, No. 7 (July, 1877), 106-111.
 The Labor Dollar. Boston, Mass. : B.R. Tucker, 1881. 23 p.

Reprinted from The Radical Review I (Aug. 1877), 287-307.
 Electronic version
 "Language, A Universal," Continental Monthly, New York, V (1864), 532-543.
 "Language, A Type of the Universe," Continental Monthly, V (1864), 691-706.
 A Lecture on Phonotypy and Phonography: Or. Speech-Printing and Speech-Writing. [Plymouth, Mass.?, 1846?] [1848]. n.p. [16 p.],
 Love, marriage, and divorce, and the sovereignty of the individual : A discussionby Henry James, Horace Greeley, and Stephen Pearl Andrews / including the final reply, of Mr. Andrews , rejected by the Tribune. ... . New York : Stringer & Townsend, publishers, 1853. 103 p. Harvard
This controversy with Horace Greeley and Henry James appeared in the New York Daily Tribune, (Sept. 18, 1852), 6; (Dec. 1, 1852), 5; (Dec. 16, 1852), 6; (Dec. 18, 1852), 5; (Nov. 8, 1858), 3. It also contains Andrews’ answer.
* 1888. Same title to which is added : "And a Subsequent Discussion, Occuring Twenty Years Later, Between Mr. James and Mr. Andrews. Boston, Mass. : B.R. Tucker. 121 p. Harvard
 ¨Electronic version
This was also published in German in Libertas, Boston.
* 1972. New York : Source Book Press. 192 p. .
Notes : "Love, marriage, and divorce: unabridged republication of the 1853 New York edition."
"Divorce: unabridged republication of the 1860 New York edition."
* 1975. Love, marriage, and divorce, and the sovereignty of the individual : a discussion between Henry James, Horace Greeley and Stephen Pearl Andrews ; and a hitherto unpublished manuscript, Love, marriage, and the condition of woman by Stephen Pearl Andrews.
Weston, Mass. : M & S Press. 13, 121, 55 p. Harvard
Reprint of the 1889 ed. published by B. R. Tucker, Boston; with a new introd.

 Memorial of the Inhabitants of the United States, Praying for the Printing of the Proceedings of Congress in Phonotypy... Washington, 1850. 8 p.
cf. U. S. Senate, Index to Miscellaneous Documents Printed by Order of the Senate of the United States during the First Session of the Thirty-First Congress, No. 125, p. 7; Congressional Globe, 31st Congress, 1st Session, XXI part II, p. 1869.
 (and George Batchelor.) A New And Comprehensive French Instructor, Based Upon An Original And Philosophical Method Applicable To The Study of All Languages. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1855.

* 1857 2d ed.
* 1859 3d ed.
 "The New Civilization," The Truth Seeker Annual and Freethinkers’ Almanac 1885. New York, [1885].

 The One Alphabet for the Whole World. New York: 1881.
 An Oration, Delivered on the Fourth of July, 1835, Before the East Feliciana Temperance Society. New Orleans, 1836. [Boston Athenaeum]
 "The Pantarchy," The Season. N.S. III, No. 24 (September 16, 1871), 186.

 "The Pantarchy Defined: The Word and the Thing," Banner of Light, XXXIII, No. 12 (June 21, 1873), 3.
 (with Augustus F. Boyle), Phonographic Chart, No. I., for teachers and lecturers. This is a large chart, four feet square, containing the simple alphabet. It is intended to be hung up within sight of a large class, whle being drilled on the elements of Phonography.
* Phonographic Chart, No. I., for teachers and lecturers. A large chart, containing a number of simple words, on which a class should be drilled, at its first and second lessons.

 (with Augustus F. Boyle), The Phonographic Class Book... Boston: 1843. 23-[1] p.
This textbook, reviewed and completed, was published and/or reprinted about 30 times between 1843 and 1849.
 S. P. Andrews, and Augustus F. Boyle, The Phonographic Reader; A Complete Course of Inductive Reading Lessons in Phonography. Boston: Phonographic Institute, [1845] 16 p.; Boston, 1846.
* 3rd ed. Boston : Phonographic Institution, 1846. Harvard
* 15th ed. New York : Andrews & Boyle, 1849. Harvard

* 16th edition. New York: Andrews & Boyle, 1849.
* 16th ed. New York : J. F. Trow, 185160 p. 18 1/2 cm.
 The Phonographic Reporter’s First Book. Containing a Complete List of the Word-Signs Used in the Most Contracted style of Phonographic Reporting, Illustrated by Exercises. New York: Andrews & Boyle, 1849. iv-52 p.
 (with Augustus F. Boyle), The Phonographic Word-Book Number One… Intended Immediately to Succeed the Complete Phonographic Class-Book, and the Phonographic Reader. New York, 1849. [OBERLIN - no info] Harvard
 (with Augustus F. Boyle) ,The Phonographic Word-Book Number Two... Intended Immediately to succeed the Phonographic Word-Book No. One and the Phonographic Class-Book and Reader. New York: Andrews and Boyle, 1849. 5-269 p. Harvard
 "Phonography and Phonotypy," American Institute of Instruction, Boston (1846) No. 167.
See above A Lecture on Phonotypy and Phonography...
 (with Augustus F. Boyle) Phonotypic Chart. Large chart, containing the small letters of the Phonotypic alphabet, for the use of teachers and lecturers.

 "Phonotypy and Phonography, or Speech-Printing and Speech-Writing," The Young American’s Magazine, I, No. 1 (January, 1847), 55-60.
 Pref. of Josiah Warren, Practical Details, 1852.
 The Practical Pronouncer and key to Andrews and Batchelor’s New French Instructor. New Yok: D. Appleton and co., 1856. 347 p.
* 1857. 2d ed.
 Preliminary Notices of Alwato. New York: 1872.
 The Primary Grammar of Alwato, the New Scientific Universal Language.... Boston, 1877. 24 p.
 (with Augustus F. Boyle) The Primary Phonotypic Reader: For the Use of School and Families. Intended as Introductory Exercises in the Analyzing, Spelling, and Reading for Children and Uneducated Adults. New York: 1847. 35 p.
* 1848. 6th Ed. New York: Andrews & Boyle, 35 - 1 p. Harvard
 The Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato: the new scientific universal language. New York: Dion Thomas, 1871. xvi, 224 p. Harvard
* introd. by Madeleine B. Stern. Weston, Mass. : M & S Press, 1971. 16, xiv, 224 p. : ill. Reprint of the edition published in 1871 by D. Thomas, New York.
Includes the author’s: The basic outline of Universology ... together with preliminary notices of Alwato, published by D. Thomas, New York, 1870, p. 189-201. Harvard
 Primary View of the English Standard Phonetic Alphabet. [New York, 1876].
 "Principles of Nature, Original Physiocracy, the New Order of Government," The Spiritual Age, I, No. 20 (September 20, 1857) 77.
 "To the Readers of the Word - Reach and Scope of the Pantarchy," The Word, IX (Jan. 1881), 3.

 "Revisal of Kant’s Categories," Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Saint Louis, VIII (1874) No. 268.
 The Science of Society. Part I. The True Constitution of Government In The Sovereignty of The Individual As The Final Development of Protestantism, Democracy And Socialism. New York: Baner, 1851. [Harvard]

 The Science of Society. Part II. Cost The Limit of Price: A Scientific Measure of Honesty In Trade As One of The Fundamental Principles In The Solution of The Social Problem. New York: Fowlers, 1851. xii-[13]-214 p. [Harvard]
* 1852. 2d ed. New York: Fowlers & Wells, 1852. [Harvard]
* The science of Society : no. 1[-2] . 3d ed. New York : Nichols, 1854. vi, [7]-70, xii, [13]-214 p. Harvard
* The true constitution of government in the sovereignty of the individual as the final development of protestantism, democracy, and socialism. 3d ed. NY : Nichols, 1854. 70 p. Harvard
* 1887. The Science of Society appeared as a series in Tucker’s Liberty, vol. 5 (1887) No. 1 (Aug. 13, 1887) and following issues.
* 1888 The Science of Society. Boston: Benjamin R. Tucker
* 1888 Bombay, India: Libertarian Socialist Institute, n.d. 8-203 p.

    • [reprinted from the LIBERTARIAN SOCIAL INSTITUTE, Arya Bhuvan, Sandhurst Road (West) BOMBAY-4. n.d.] Online 2006 The Science of Society No. 1. The True Constitution of Government in the Sovereignty of the Individual as the Final Development of Protestantism, Democracy and Socialism

      There is also an extract here:
       The Dinner Party

      * 1895. The science of society. New and enl. ed. Boston : Sarah E. Holmes, 1888 [i.e. 1895] v. 1. The true constitution of government in the sovereignty of the individual. Harvard
      Contains a new introduction by B. R. Tucker, George Ripley’s account of J. Warren’s Equitable Commerce and Andrews answer.
      * 1904 Die Wissenschaft von der Gesselschaft. Die rechte Verfassung der Gesselschaft [...] Das Kostenprinzip. Zwei abhandlunden von S. P. Andrews. Nach der Uebersetzung von Mathilde kriege herausgeben von W. Russbüldt. Schwargendorf bei Berlin: Verlag "Renaissance". vi-198 p.
      German translation.
      * 1913 The Science of Society. London : C. W. Daniel, 1913. 256 p.Harvard

Contents : I.The true constitution of government in the sovereignty of the individual as the final development of Protestantism, democracy and socialism.—II.Cost, the limit of price: a scientific measure of honesty in trade as one of the fundamental principles in the solution of the social problem.

* 1970. The science of society. True constitution of government in the sovereignty of the individual as the final development of Protestantism, democracy, and socialism Introd. by Charles Shively. Weston, Mass. : M & S Press, 21, 165 p. port.
Contents : The true constitution of government.—Cost the limit of price.
Notes : Reprint of the 1888 ed., which was itself a republication of two separate works originally published in 1851.
As originally published the two works were anticipated to be the first two in a series of publications presenting the author’s solution to social problems of his time. A third was never issued. The present edition retains on the title pages of the parts their original numbering. Harvard
 Syllabus of the Sunday Exercises at De Garmo Hall. n. p. [4 p.] n.d.
 "A Universal Language: Its Possibility, Scientific Necessity, and Appropriate Characteristics," The Continental Monthly, V, No. 5 (May, 1864), 532543. [PCL]

 The Universal Tract Society Tracts.No. 3. [New York, 1886].
 Various Papers on Phonotypy and Phonography. n.p., [1848.
 Pref. of Thomas L. Nichols, Woman in All Ages and Nations, New York: 1854. 240 p.

Periodicals Edited by Stephen Pearl Andrews:

 (Ed.) The American Phonographic Journal, I, No. 1 (January, 1846) - I, No. 2 (February, 1846). [STATE LIBRARY OF OHIO]
 (Ed.) The Anglo Saxon, I, No. 1 (December 5, 1846)-II, No. 17 (February 1, 1850).
Followed by The Propagandist [later, The Phonetic Propagandist], I, No. 1 (November 6, 1850)-II, No. 26 (November 17, 1852).
These papers present Josiah Warren’s and S. P. Andrews’ views.
 (Ed.) La Aurora, I, No. 1 (November 22, 1845). [English-Spanish].
Only one issue appeared.
 (with John W. Leonard [eds.].) The American Phonographer, 1, No. 1 (June, 1851)-1, No. 4 (September, 1851).
Andrews also wrote a few articles in:
 The Harbinger, New York and Boston. See: John Thomas Codman, Brook Farm, History and Personal Memoirs, p. 107.
 The Index, Boston. Occasional articles. See in particular "The Science of Universology", Oct. 26, 1876, Nov. 23, 1876, Dec. 14, 1876; "Proudhon and his Translator", The Index, Boston (June 22, 1876) Aug. 10, 1976, etc.
 New York Daily Tribune (Aug. 12, 1850), 6; (Sept. 5, 1850), 6; (Sept. 19, 1850), 5; (Sept. 20, 1850) 5; (Sept. 21, 1850), 2. On the agrarian issue and commercial problems.
 Periodical Letter, J. Warren ed. I (Sept. 1857), 85-89.
* Reprinted in Woodhull’s & Claflin’s Weekly (June 3, 1871). Andrews was also an editor of this paper and had a column "The Weekly Bulletin of the Pantarchy". Particularly interesting are the issues of July 30, Aug. 6, 13, 1870; Apr. 29, June 3, 10, July 15, Aug. 5, 19, Sept. 2, 1871 (there also is a controversy with J. Warren as from June 3, 1871 and a discussion with Henry James Sr. on Apr. 8, May 9, 16, 1874)
* Published under the title The Sovereignty of the Individual. Berkeley Heights, New Jersey: Freeman Press, [1938].
 [And the Truth Shall Make You Free: A Speech on the Principles of Social Freedom. by Victoria C. Woodhull (1838-1927)
[principal author: Stephen Pearl Andrews (1812-1886)]. A SPEECH on The Principles of Social Freedom, DELIVERED IN Steinway Hall, Monday, Nov. 20, 1871,
BY VICTORIA C. WOODHULL. Delivered in Steinway Hall, 20 November 1871.
Published by Woodhull, Claflin & Co., Publishers, 44 Broad Street, New York, 1871.->]
 art. in The Word, Princeton (Mass.), II (March, 1874), 4.
 occasional articles in the Truth Seeker, New York, in 1876 and 1877.
 "Revisal of Kant’s Categories", The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, July 1874
 art. in Truth (June 1884), 42-44. Compares Frank Lester Ward and Auguste Comte.