Bibliography of Nettlau’s works published in English

BAKUNIN, Mihail Aleksandrovič (1814-1876)NETTLAU, Max (1865-1944). Linguiste autrichien et premier historien de l’anarchismeRECLUS, Élisée (1830-1905)KROPOTKINE, Petr Alekseevitch (1842-1921) MALATESTA, Errico (1853-1932)unionism: revolutionary syndicalismPELLOUTIER, Fernandunionism: anarcho-syndicalismanarchist movement: historyGreat Britain: History of Anarchism.- 19th CenturyHistory. HistoriansLondon Anarchist Communist AllianceLatin America.- History of anarchism* bibliographie

This selection does not include Nettlau’s contributions to books by other authors. Those works may generally be found below or through the use of the research engine. Nettlau’s bibliographies include explanatory observations, and since he was a pioneer in the study of the movement, his works are an essential starting point.
 After Six Years of Authoritarian Revolution [About the Soviet Revolution] Published in Spanish in the 20s. English translation online at Libcom
"In this short essay written during the 1920s, Max Nettlau discusses the psychological and political impacts of the success of the Soviet dictatorship and the eclipse of libertarian socialism on the workers of Europe, claims that the “taste for freedom” is “almost dead”, predicts that any European revolution in the circumstances of his time would be an authoritarian revolution, and calls for a worldwide libertarian initiative to “create a new mentality” that should embrace all those “movements that still have a basis in voluntarism, free association, federation, the coexistence of various opinions, free experimentation, abstention from the state, and real internationalism”.]
 Anarchism in England fifty years ago. A contribution towards the elucidation of the science of society. By a member of the London Confederation of Rational Reformers./Nettlau, Max. Suppl. to Freedom, a journal of anarchist communism. Vol. 19, no. 202 Nov.- Dec. 1905, 37 cm, p. 37-38.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

 Anarchism in England : one hundred years ago / Nettlau, Max. London : Slienger, 1876. 20 p.

  • Berkeley Heights, N.J.: Oriole Press, 1955. Repr. 1976. 21 p.
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       An anarchist manifesto. [By M. Nettlau.] Issued by the London Anarchist Communist Alliance. London : Metropolitan Printing Works, 1895. 15 p.
      International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

       "Anarchism: Communist or Individualist?-Both", Mother Earth, vol. 9, no. 5 (July 1914): pp. 170-175.
       Anarchy through the times / Nettlau, Max. Transl. from the Spanish by Scott Johnson. New York : Gordon Press, 1979. 466 p. Collection History of anarchism series. ISBN 0-8490-1397-6
       "Are there new fields for anarchist activity?" [signed M.N.], Repr.: Mother Earth, 1907, December, p. 433-444.

      International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland): An 49/187

       Authoritarian Communism and Libertarian Communism Pref. Federica Montseny "Max Nettlau, or The Choice of Modesty". 1928.

      English translation available online on Originally written in French. Translated into Spanish by Federica Montseny in 1928 during one of Nettlau’s visits to Spain.

       A contribution to an anarchist bibliography of Latin America /Nettlau, Max. London : Kate Sharpley Library, 1994.33 p. ISBN 1-873605-02-1

      International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

       A Short Anarchist Bibliography. London: Freedom Press, 1996.

      The book, written by an author with first hand knowledge of the people in the movement, covers the international history until World War I. It also includes bio-bibliographical appendices by Heiner Becker.

       Elisée and Elie Reclus, in memoriam./Nettlau, Max. Leipzig, [1928]
      Repr.: Archiv für die Geschichte des Sozialismus und der Arbeiterbewegung, XIII, 3.

      International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

 Errico Malatesta. The biography of an anarchist. A condensed sketch of Malatesta from the book written by Max Nettlau. [Introd. by H. Havel]./Nettlau, Max. New York City : Jewish Anarchist Federation, [1924]. Printed by the Freie Arbeiter Stimme Press. 96 p.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

 "The Evolution of Anarchism." Freedom, Vol. IX, No. 96[93]: May 1895. p. 6-7.
 Fernand Pelloutier and Syndicalism; Written in Vienna 1932. Translated from the Spanish edition of Fernand Pelloutier’s History of the Bourses du Travail (Historia de las Bolsas del Trabajo, Zero-Zyx, Madrid, 1978) and online
 Freedom and Spain and the World: Writings on Bakunin. London: Carl Slienger. 1976.
 "Jahn, Octave aka Octavio 1869-1917" Online on [Also known as Boris Souvarine]
 Panarchy: A Forgotten Idea of 1860. Berrima : FIOT, 1986. 16 p.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland): Bro 5170/2

 Responsibility and solidarity in the labor struggle. [Read on December 5, 1899 before the Freedom Discussion Group, London by M. Nettlau]; also a review of the policy lately discussed by the German Social Democracy and Edward Bernstein. [By N. = M. Nettlau]. London : "Freedom" Office, 1900. 23 p.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

 Revival of the inquisition. Details of the tortures inflicted on Spanish political prisoners. [Written by M. Nettlau. With pref. by E. Carpenter]. London : Perry (Spanish Atrocities Committee, Repr. from "Freedom"), 1897. 24 p.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

 A Short History of Anarchism
. Edited by Heiner Becker. London: Freedom Press, 1996. xxiii, 406 p. ISBN:0-900384-89-1

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland): 1997/5475

 "The Siamese Responsibility and the Solidarity in the Labor Struggle" [quoted in Free Society, Feb. 27, 1901]
 Sidelights on Errico Malatesta (Dec. 4th, 1853 - July 22nd, 1932). " Stroud, 1932.
In: Freedom bulletin, 15 - Dec., 1932 - Herdenkingsnummer E. Malatesta.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)

 "Why We Are Anarchists", The Commonweal, 1894. 27 p.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland): Repr. "The Commonweal"

 Writings on Bakunin./Nettlau, Max.London : Carl Slienger, 1976.68 p.

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland)